8 weeks of intense workouts to help you become stronger, not only physically but mentally also. By combining weight training and HIIT workouts this guide aims to build muscle, strengthen our hearts and increase endurance.

Stronger. Includes 40 unique gym based workouts so that no two workouts are the same. This guide uses minimal equipment and doesn’t require any equipment that is hard to find. If you want a guide that is fun, challenging and improves your overall fitness then this is the perfect guide for you.

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About me

I first got into fitness when I moved for university. I was in such a bad head space mentally and needed an escape. Little did I know that the gym would improve not only my physical health and physique but also my mental health. I have been going to the gym for the last 5 years now and I love the challenge. When going to the gym I used a guide and I found that it really helped motivate me and gave me new ideas for exercises and this has prompted me to make my own guide. I hope you love it as much as I do.


Of course, if you have any follow up questions feel free to send me a message on instagram, I am always here to help!
For supplements I always use MyProtein. MP is great for both price and quality.
No, this guide does not include a personalised nutrition plan.
Stronger. includes 4x1hr sessions per week, 1x20 minute session and 2 rest days. The workout timings also allow for sufficient rest between your sets.
This workout guide lasts for 8 weeks and can be repeated once you have completed it. Once you buy Stronger. it is yours for good, that is the beauty of this guide. You are under no time constraints to complete it and can enjoy it at your own leisure.
Yes, stronger. has been designed solely by myself and is based on the training that I love to do. I like to make my training challenging yet fun. Going to the gym should not be a chore so that is why I wanted to create this fun workout guide. It includes weight lifting and HIIT workouts to get your heart rate up!
Stronger. can be accessed on the AFLETE app and it comes with videos for all the exercises. It does not come in a .pdf form as the app allows me to show you how to do each exercise through videos and you can also track your progress.
Stronger. is gym based however, uses minimal equipment. It doesn’t require any equipment that is difficult to find. If you have access to a barbell, plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, a ball and a box you are pretty much set to complete all the exercises. Most exercises can also be adapted if you don’t have a certain piece of equipment.
No, of course not. This guide should fit your lifestyle. If you are busy or doing a gym class one day and want to swap out your session in Stronger. then that is completely fine or if you are looking for workout ideas and what to mix it with your current training then go for it!! However, I do not recommend adding extra sessions. Our bodies need time to rest and reset. For best results I would recommend completing it as written, the guide is designed to rest one muscle group while training another.
This guide will help you feel physically and mentally stronger. By incorporating HIIT exercises and weight training you can expect to build more muscle, increase your cardiovascular health and increase your endurance.
I have designed this guide to be challenging yet fun. I could think of nothing worse than repeating the same workouts over and over again therefore, no two workouts are the same with 40 unique workouts with functional training. It will be tough, it will be challenging but it will make you feel amazing. We are in this together!!

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